TOTsled XL Kit

$ 1,649.00 CAD

TOTsled XL | Max. size of a slab:

  • Set up A 1 x 3.5m (40 x 136″)
  • Set up B 1.5 x 3m (58 x 118″)

TOTsled – Owner’s Manual.pdf

Kit includes:

  • 1x TOT dustless router sled kit (hardware included)
  • 2x 1.5m (60″) – 40×80 aluminum extrusion rails
  • 4x 2m (80″) – 40×80 aluminum extrusion rails
  • 6 x linear connector (for connecting your base rails)
  • 12 x 90° brackets (to attach your base profiles to your work bench)
  • 1 x Vacuum hose adaptor to fit 53mm ID hose
  • 8 x End caps for your profiles
  • 4 x star knob (used for “stops”)
  • 2 x locking lever (used to lock your sled in place)

System is compatible with most routers.

System requires router collet extension (sold separately).

Router, collet extension and router bit are not included.


Less effort, less dust, more efficiency

Flex those muscles someplace else. You no longer need as much strength to flatten slabs in your workshop. Get those live edge wood slabs smooth and ready with hardly a drop of sweat. Slab flattening becomes effortless and dustless with the innovative design of the TOTsled XL router sled system.

High-quality aluminum base rails and cross rails guide your router over the slab with effortless precision. A durable router cart securely holds your router, the dust collection port, and sealing brushes. Premium stainless steel bearings on the carriage ensure smooth and easy movement with just a push of your finger.

Aside from saving you from backaches and muscle pains, this easy-to-use system also saves you from irritations caused by wood dust. If you’ve had dust in your eyes way too many times, you’d definitely want to have this router sled. It lets you work better in a dustless environment as sealing brushes, plexiglass compartment, and a vacuum adapter effectively collect dust. The sealing brushes come in three different sizes that adapt to the varying thickness of your workpieces.

Increase your productivity with the efficiency that TOTsled provides in milling live-edge tabletop slabs. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to handle slabs up to 58 inches in width, but the length can be extended further with ALU extensions. On top of that, it’s a more cost-effective option than expensive CNC machines.

That’s less effort, less dust, less cost with more efficiency, more productivity, and more quality. Now, what else can you ask for in a router sled?


  1. MythicMilling&CustomWoodProducts

    We’ve been using the XL TOTsled for about 6 months now and absolutely love it.
    The design is solid and easy to assemble. The rail structure is impressive. Rolls and runs beautifully on a suspended rail system with little to no vibration. Smooth and easy to use. We have videos operating the sled with just one finger. Although I do recommend at least one had on the machine at all times well in use.
    The service and support on this RouterSled has been flawless. Would refer this products to any and all Wood Workers/Slab Makers.

    Thanks again boys. Appreciate all the help.

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