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story of our router sled

TOTsled origins date back to 2018 in Europe. Back then, while building oak furniture for his clients, Vlad Sajan, the owner of Green Oak Company, realized that no router sled system on the market would meet all his needs. At the time, his only options were expensive CNC machines or DIY router sleds with no dust collection and lacked precision.

Vlad compiled a list of what is essential for a good router sled system. His vision required a system with excellent dust collection capabilities that is relatively easy to take apart and store out of the way and for the whole package to be reasonably priced.

He began the router sled design. After countless hours of testing and tweaking the design, TOT! router sled system was created.

In 2019 we started TOT! online store to offer our product to woodworkers. Since the start the router sled was met with great feedback in more than 30 countries all over the world. 

In late 2020 TOTsled was created to exclusively offer this product in the North American market. 

Starting in 2021, we continue to work hard to provide customers with the complete system at our Edmonton-Canada location. TOTsled is partnered with some of the best brands to ensure the highest quality of products and accessories.

We know you will enjoy it!

TOTsled team

TOTsled - Dustless router sled system
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