Dustless Router Sled System

Does your DIY router sled sag or not give the precision that you need? Do you need to flatten big slabs? Are you tired of dust covering your whole shop after flattening the slabs?
TOTsled router sled system makes flattening slabs easier, more enjoyable and improves your workplace safety!

easy operation

Our system is easy to operate thanks to our unique design utilizing steel bearings. Less friction means less strain on your body.

saving you space

Our design allows you to quickly disassemble the system to be stored away while not in use.

built to last

We pride our selves on delivering a great product that will last. Using stainless steel and aluminum guarantees long-lasting quality.

minimize dust in your shop

Keeping your shop clean makes for a better workplace. Less clean up saves time so that you can build more.

Customers from Europe, please contact our branch at:  www.takeonetoo.com
$1699 CAD
totsled xl
Our clients say
"After struggling with a home made router sled I realized there has to be a better way. After some research I decided to order TOTsled system. Flattening slabs and tables has become less of a chore and now a pleasure, pushing the sled with just one finger! Over all I would and have highly recommended this system as the way to level up your flattening game!"
"TOTsled is the perfect tool for all the woodworkers working in a garage or in a big shop. It is really affordable and high quality. Infinite length, easy sliding, efficient vacuum system, heavy and precise built... I highly recommend it!"
I’ve used TOTsled router sled for nearly a year now and have to say it has changed my life and reduced my work time immensely. As I’m specializing in making very big tables, flattening huge slabs has never been easier. And also great to use with epoxy resin. A bonus is it’s easy to assemble and very safe to use. Very useful tool to invest in!
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